Sleði fyrir hjólsög (framlenging)

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Vörunúmer: KMA2750 Flokkur:


Fáðu meira útúr Accu-Cut sleðanum þínum með þessari framlengingu.

  • Double the cutting capacity of the Accu-Cut by adding two more sections of track to make cuts up to 100″ / 2540mm long
  • Easily and quickly break down panels and plywood with a circular saw at any angle
  • Same straight, accurate, splinter-free performance as the Accu-Cut
  • Make the cuts you need – anywhere – by taking your saw to the workpiece instead of bringing the workpiece to a fixed saw location
  • No clamps needed thanks to anti-slip guide strips that keep the track in place through the entire cut
Includes (2) 26.5″ Aluminum Guide Tracks
(6) Steel Track Connectors
(8) Anti-Chip/Anti-Slip Guide Strips
Owner’s Manual


Guide Track Aircraft-quality aluminum with dual anti-chip, anti-slip guide strips
Cut Length Extends the standard Accu-Cut maximum cut to 100″ (2540 mm)

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