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Whether you’re building from scratch, renovating, or repairing, the Drawer Front Mounting Kit is the simple, effective way to mount and align drawer fronts, and set consistent gaps and reveals. Removing the need to use one hand to hold pieces in place as you work, the thick steel design features large clamp pads, GripMaxx anti-slip surface, and ribbed corners to minimize flex and maintain project stability.

The Drawer Front Mounting Tool Kit reduces the amount of fumbling and repositioning needed while simplifying the process into three easy steps: clamp, align, attach.

The Drawer Front Mounting Tool Kit includes left and right Drawer Mounting Tool and seven Setup and Spacer Shims (2 of each size: 2 mm for inset drawers, 3 mm, and 6 mm; 1 each of 19 mm size) that can be stacked together via magnets to help you set consistent gaps and reveals.


  • Thick steel and ribbed corners resist flex
  • GrippMaxx anti-slip surface holds tight and protects material
  • Alignment marks ensure accuracy
  • Large adjustment knobs for easy tightening/loosening
  • Includes 7 Setup and Spacer shims