Kreg Jig® K4 Master System

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The Do-It-Yourself Kreg Jig® with Bonus Accessories

  • Removable Drill Guide for benchtop and portable use
  • Drill Guide includes 3-hole fixed spacing
  • For use with materials 1/2” to 11/2” (12-38mm) thick in 1/8” (3mm) incremental settings
  • Dust-Collection Shroud collects wood chips as you work
  • Material Support Stop for consistently repeating hole spacings
  • Hardened-Steel Kreg® Drill Guides



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Body Material Glass-filled nylon
Number of Drill Guides (3) 3/8” (9mm) diameter standard Kreg® pocket holes
For Use with Materials from 1/2” to 11/2” thick (12-38mm)
Drill Guide Spacings 9/16“, 7/8“, 17/16
14mm, 22mm, 36mm
Clamping Method Toggle clamp on benchtop base
Face clamp for portable base
Screw-Centering Ability 1/2“, 5/8“, 3/4“, 7/8“, 1”, 11/8“, 11/4“, 13/8“, 11/2
12mm, 16mm, 19mm, 22mm, 25mm, 28mm, 31mm, 35mm, 38mm
Warranty Lifetime Kreg® Drill Guide warranty
Includes Kreg Jig® K4, Kreg® Face Clamp, Portable Base, Drill Guide Spacer, Material Support Stop, dust-collection attachment, 3/8” (9mm) stepped drill bit, 6″ (152mm) square driver, 3″ (76mm) square driver, starter Kreg® Screw set (total 50 screws), pocket-hole plug set, and owner’s manual, all inside of a durable and compact carrying case.
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